Thursday, August 30, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance?

Star in Your Own JibJab! It's Free!
We thought this would be a fun post to show off our latest talent that we picked up. That is right ladies and gents, even though Ash is 8 months prego we picked up dancing! Here we are doing the Charleston! ENJOY!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lefrandt's do Scandenavia Continued...

Well I know this is coming a little delayed but I couldn't help but post the highlight of our trip to Sweden! Yup, thats right... dancing around the maypole! It was so much fun! The girls all went into town and had these flower wreaths made for their hair... with all the blonde hair and the flower wreaths on their heads... they really looked like natives!

This next picture is of our dear sister Tiffany... lost in the MAY POLE dance for the Midsommer festival. It was too much fun!

And here is Ash and I really soaking in the culture!

All in all... such a fun memory and such a great trip! Sorry to bore you with more of our TRIP pictures but we had to share in the fun! Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ashley's first baby shower!!!

This was my shower with my "highschool girlfriends", they hate it when I say that but hey, I have to distinguish them. They threw Megan and I a double baby shower at Ashlee Rees' and we honored Angie also; they are both due a month before me. With that said, I can't leave out Brit...she's expecting her little baby in February and we are all so excited!!! These are just a few of the picures from the adorable shower and Thank you to all of my cute really are so amazing !!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Lefrandt's in Scandenavia!!!!

Hello friends and family, well we are sorry that we have not posted our pictures from Europe earlier. We are a little slow, but hopefully this blog entry will find all of you well. We had an absolute blast in Europe, this trip has been in the works since before I even met Ashley. It was her father's life long dream to take all of his children and their spouses to the place that he served his mission. It also happens to be where the Anderson Family heritage is from. We had a lot of fun discovering where our ancestry came from and spending a lot of fun time with all of Ash's siblings and their spouses. We have the coolest family... Here are some pictures... enjoy!

We started off our trip in Stockholm. It is honestly one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe hands down. The architecture on all the buildings was beautiful. The people were amazing. Very fashion forward. Everyone was tall, skinny and blonde.

The house above is our little bed in breakfast that we stayed at in Laksan... ok, I probably butchered the spelling of that city. But this is where we stayed for the Midsommer festival. In Sweden Midsommer is celebrated on the longest day of the year. It literally was daylight for 21 hours and even when it was "dark" it wasn't really dark... I wish I had pictures of us dancing around the Maypole... yes that is right ladies and gentlemen... we danced around a maypole. It was amazing though, the entire city, gothic high school kids, and elderly people alike all joined hands and danced around the maypole to celebrate the Midsommer festival. Definitely a highlight of our trip... wish I had pictures.

This is a nice shot of Mykelle and Ry Dog enjoying the trip. I wonder if they know I took this.

This is one of the only pictures that we took in Oslo, Norway. This was a park filled with nothing but NUDE statues. It was part of our tour NORWAY IN A NUTSHELL.... This was probably one of the only decent statues that we can post on our blog.... everything else was a little graphic ;)

Here is a shot from Lillehammer. Where the 1994 Olympics were held.... Nancy Keragan, Tanya Harting ring any bells?!?! This is taken at the top of our of the jumps, gorgeous view of the city, and one fo the only pregnancy pictures Ash will allow me to post!

The Fjords in Norway are breathtaking. Somewhat reminiscent of the isles of Hawaii actually... every shot you took was gorgeous. This was the first Fjord that we saw. Had to take a picture!

This is another Fjord. We came in on one of those boats that you see down there, and then rode a bus up to this point. Let me just tell you... our bus experience was an adventure in and of itself. Our tour guide Emilio from Italy was a riot, but this bus would go on these switchbacks that were INSANE. I thought we were going to fall off a cliff numerous times... good times, good times.

A Personal Favorite of mine. We were literally on the top of the world.

Jon in his festive Norwegian apparell.

One of our last photo's taken. This is in the city of Bergen in Norway. It was gorgeous. All in all, we had an amazing time!