Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sophia Marie

Since I'm in blogging mode and Sophie is almost 1, I thought I'd tell just a little bit about her. I've loved being a mother since the day Lily was born, but it is so true that your love just grows and grows with each one. Since having Sophie, I have felt love for both she and Lily that I truly didn't know was possible. This baby just lights up my life. My mom calls her Sunshine, and it fits perfectly. The comment that I get most often from people is that she looks like she just observes and takes in absolutely everything. That is so true. She is always observing and I can't help but feel that her spirit is old and wise. I can feel that she is such a special little chosen spirit of our Heavenly Father and I feel so blessed that he gave her to me.
Sophie is so funny! Jon and laugh every day at her faces that she makes. Her Gigi once said "Sophie is the cure to any bad day". My sentiments exactly! I really never have a bad day with her around.


I'm pretty sure Jon's heart is going to stop when he sees that I've actually blogged. I'm making a new resolution to keep up on this blog so my children will have a record of their childhood. So here is what we've been doing lately...

We had some friends over to decorate Valentines treats and exchange Valentines

Lily was in Heaven

All the party people!

New Years Eve
Our friends Zack and Katie. We can always count on them for a fun indulgent dinner.

Christmas Eve

Sitting on the stairs waiting to see if Santa Came!

Sophie got a little Kitchen

Lily's beloved Dollhouse. Santa Delivered!