Wednesday, December 16, 2009

We were wrong again...

Well... We were wrong again!!! Last year I thought that Lily would for sure freak out when sitting on santa's lap... she loved it. This year I thought, ok THIS YEAR FOR SURE she is going to flip out.... she couldn't wait to get on his lap, and we saw Santa again for our neighborhood party and was just screaming to go sit on Santa's lap! She is too funny.

The past 3 years we have gone to Deer Valley with Jons family for Thanksgiving, we have stayed in the same place every year. It is so much fun! We are so grateful to Diane for providing such a fun year.

We are excited and loving the holiday season. Especially since Jon is finally finished with his first semester of graduate school! We never thought it would end.... Grades should come out in the next little bit. Hopefully all that studying paid off :)