Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday To The Love of My Life!

So this is my first official post. Jon has done absolutely everything up to this point, but I decided I couldn’t let his birthday pass without a tribute to him to let him know how much I love him. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think that Jon was absolutely made for me. I can’t possibly write all the reasons why I love him, so here are just a few…
• Each and every day he gets out of bed with a resolve to accomplish as much as he can in that day and gets to work. He never lacks the motivation to become the best version of himself that he can possibly be and is constantly striving to reach his full potential.
• One of the things I love and adore most about Jon is how he always makes sure he makes time for me and Lily. He has one of the busiest schedules of anyone I know between his school schedule, work, and now he’s just taken on a new internship, but I never feel second. His priority is his family and he lets us know that every day.
• Jon is so thoughtful. It amazes me how he pays attention to everything I say and then the evidence shows up in a gift, or a treat I’ve been craving or just something I simply need. He is always taking time to think of my needs and wants and fulfills them for me.
• He is the BEST gift wrapper you’ve ever seen. Every package that he turns out looks like it’s straight out of a magazine. I’ve taken many gift wrapping lessons from my husband, and I’m proud to say I now take pride in my gift wrapping abilities…however I still don’t hold a candle to him.
• He is the cutest Dad in the whole world. He has an ability to make Lily laugh in a way that nobody else can. She can tell when her Daddy walks in the room. My favorite is when she just stares at him. It’s like she may have forgotten about him while he’s been gone all day but the second he shows up she looks at him and knows he’s someone special. And then he begins to speak to her and play with her and then she remembers…it’s her Daddy, and the world is perfect again.
• He always helps around the house. Almost every day he’s picking up my slack. He’ll fold the last batch of laundry, do the dishes, unload the dishwasher, straighten up the house, make the bed, and even cook dinner if I didn’t get to it. It may not be more than grilled cheese and tomato soup, but he’s always willing and never complains.
• He is such an example to me! He truly is strong in all of the areas I’m weak. I never worry about anything because I know he’ll always take care of me. I have the kind of confidence in my husband that I always had in my dad as a child. The kind that is pure and unwavering. As stressed as he can get about life and how he will provide and how he will accomplish all he has to do, I never worry. He has all the capabilities and attributes of a successful person. Not just financially, but physically, spiritually and emotionally. He puts the most important things first and knows that the rest will fall into place.

Happy Birthday Honey! I love you more than you will ever know!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Valentines Vacation Fulfilled :)

For those of you who haven't seen Wicked. You are missing out. This was Ash's 3rd time seeing it, (two times in New York...) but she said that hands down the LA cast was the best! They were A M A Z I N G. That was well worth the trip in and of itself. We had never really been to Hollywood Blvd. But it was fun to be down there.

Here we are at the happiest place on earth... I have literally been dying to go for soo long now. Eventually Ash caught the fire as well and we ended up going! We met up with Ali and Jess Hobbins as well as Jess's husband David. Nicest guy alive. We had an absolute blast. The park was a little bit crowded but we got in pretty much every ride we wanted too... we wish we had one more day to enjoy the magic kingdom!
We also had reservations at a hotel, but... our Nephew Tanner convinced us that the Sofa Sleeper Bed in Breakfast was the best in Southern California... so we decided to stay! Thanks Tan for making us breakfast in bed! You are the best!
While Lily didn't get to go to Disneyland or Wicked with us... she still had the best time with her Aunt Kimmy and Godmother Allice :) (She really was such a good baby through both of the flights and sleeping in the port a crib) Isn't she the cutest?!?

And to top the whole trip off we had to see baby Halle Rose Zeedik! She is so cute and soo tiny. Brit and Matt are doing really well... Ash took some video footage to show all of her high school girlfriends so don't you worry!

We had the best time and are officially obsessed with California! We are going back in April to babysit the Hunters! We are so excited!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Four Month... To Our Baby Girl!

Our sweet baby girl just turned four months! It is unbelievable how fast time has gone and how big she is growing! I know most of you have already seen this picture, and as soon as we find our adaptor for our camera to upload new pictures again... we will post some pictures of our little peanut! Lily we sure do love you!


Mommy and Daddy