Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pictures of Lily!

We are so excited to see more of this!

My (Jon) incredibly talented cousin Tiffany took these when we were down there visiting last week. She seriously is AMAZING. Check out her blog at She does shoots in Cali and Utah.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Lately in Jon's life...

This past month has been adventurous to say the least. It was an emotional roller coaster! I figure I need to document it and may as well do it on THE BLOG.

First, I got this really crazy idea that I wanted to do two half marathons back to back (two weekends in a row) so I did. I signed up for the Salt Lake City Half and the Thanksgiving Point half. I honestly did not have even one free second to train (more on that in a minute) but decided I needed to just go for it. Here are some pics.

This is with my buddy from my Masters program Jared.

The first marathon was HARD... I thought it would be good to do it in the same place that I did the full marathon the year prior. WRONG. It was harder on me emotionally because it brought back all the pain and frustration of the previous year. The weather was great... but I don't think I will do this race again.

Second, was a local run. Thanksgiving point was raising money for the new childrens museum and the whole run was AWESOME. It was gorgeous, great money and thanksgiving point pulled off a fantastic race. I beat my PR by 2 minutes too! I ran it with a bunch of guys from my neighborhood. They are awesome. I would love to do more races with them again.

Then I had my graduation. I am a master of real estate development! (well kind of... I have a couple classes left to take this summer and then I will for sure be a MASTER!) I have LOVED going to school at the U. It was hard, and I constantly felt like I was betraying my alma matter BYU... but it has been great. My classmates have been awesome, my employer (Clark Ivory) has been very accommodating and supportive and I have loved learning at this level. It will be great when I am officially DONE.

And lastly... I have been so fortunate to get a promotion at work. I am now the Project Manager for Ivory Homes in the Red Ledges community. This is totally up my alley and I am THRILLED at the opportunity. We are the exclusive builder for everything under 1 million dollars and have already created 5 new floorplans with 100% natural exteriors and all the luxury upgrades. Here is a picture of what our new model will look like. We just broke ground last week!

Red Ledges is located in Heber Valley and is on the number one new golf course in the nation! It is a Jack Nicklaus SIGNATURE golf course and also just won BEST OF STATE in the state.

With this new promotion... we have one last bit of news. WE ARE MOVING!!! More on that later :)