Friday, February 6, 2009

My dear friend Lisanne did this on her blog and I loved it. I realized how similar we are in so many way that I didn't know before, and of course I loved to learn about her and the unique qualities she posesses that make me love her. So I'm copying her.


1. I used to be a morning person, but since having Lily I'll do anything to sleep in till 8
2. The part I get the most compliments on is my hands
3. I have no clue how to bargain shop. For me it's all or nothing...something I'm desperately trying to figure out how to change.
4. I love to get captivated in a good book.
5. I love, love, love when it's pouring rain outside.
6. I love to bake when it's cold
7. When I get a pedicure it's either a classic red, pink or french. Never anything else.
8. Since getting older I prefer to ride in silence in the's my time to think.
9. My favorite movie in the world is You've Got Mail. My mom and I have watched this hundred of times together and my dad and Jon love to make fun of us for it.
10. I believe my husband can do anything in the world
11. My baby girl is the most precious thing in the world to me
12. I've always wanted to live on the East coast. For whatever reason I feel like the people there are hightly educated, successful and full of class...which I love.
13. I'm a total homebody
14. A day with my sisters is just about as exciting to me as anything in the world. No matter what we are doing.
15. If I could play any sport it would be tennis, and I'm determined to learn to play better this summer.
16. If I could collect anything it would be dishes...just like my momma.
17. The best day of my life, hands down, was my wedding day
18. The best experience of my life has been having Lily and being a mother.
19. I love my friends and need them in my life but only in small doses, and my truest friends understand that about me.
20. On a totally shallow note, I think being a high society girl on the upper East side of Manhattan would be so amazing
21. I love to surround myself with people who inspire me.
22. I love to watch my husband watch The Office.
23. My absolute biggest pet peeve is chewed up gum anywhere but the mouth. If I see it laying around I get so grossed out. And those people who take out their gum to save it for later absolutely astonish me!!
24. I have the most amazing family. We all have our differences, but at the end of the day we allknow how to forgive and love one another. We are each other's best friends.
25. Most of the time I would much rather put $40 toward clothes than spend it on a nice meal...something my husband totally hates and ignores about me. In fact, we can't even discuss it anymore.
26. I hate confrontation, but I don't shy away from it if I feel it's necessary.
27. I'm so sad that David Osmond got kicked off American Idol:( I don't think anyone in this world has a better voice. I've begged him in the past to record How Great Thou Art and he still hasn't done it. So David, if you ever read this...I'm still begging.
28. I gained the most insight on myself when my older sister went on her mission and I stopped comparing myself to her.
29. I met my Hottie Hubby after scoping him out at my best friends wedding
30. I am the worst gift giver. I get anxiety over giving the wrong thing. And having to be sentimental...forget about it.
31. I love sunday dinner
32. I rarely put lotion on
33. I LOVE Chik Fil-A chicken nugget with polynesian sauce and diet lemonade...YUM!
34. I get so nervous to give to much mac-n-cheese or too many hot dogs to Lily for fear of giving her cancer one day
35. My dream car is a brand new black Tahoe (not to be confused with my current grey, definitely not brand new one) or X5
36. I am ALWAYS looking for a new hair do and new make-up
37. My old white house will always take me back to my childhood and some of the best memories of my life.
38. All of my High School girlfriends (they absolutely hate this term but I have no other way to distinguish) are obsessed with fantasizing over vampires, phantoms, warlocks, wizards and other weird things, and I couldn't identify less. It's in these moments when I realize it's okay to be different.
39. I want to own a house in the Hamptons one day. Or at least rent one out every summer
40. I Love to cook dinner. I believe that dinner around a table every night is one of the best places to teach children and create memories.