Thursday, September 8, 2011

Summer...I didn't capture much

Here are some pictures of our summer. There aren't many because I've been too consumed with getting through this pregnancy, but here is what we have...

The airplane ride at our local Smith's...I finally gave in!

This is actually on Mother's day. The 2 most beautiful girls in the world have made me the happiest mommy!

Lily started swimming lessons. Her biggest accomplishment was to go all the way under water and she has been doing it all summer!

Grandma had an Amazing English Tea Party with all the granddaughters.

That's all for now. One day I'm going to focus on my writing and actually make this blog something fun to read. But as for now, I'm 36 weeks pregnant and it's all I can do to just get some pictures up before they get lost on our hard drive and we never see them again :)