Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Valentines Day... a little early!!!

Well, this year... I decided that I wanted to take my little family on my dream trip for Valentines Day. I have literally been dreaming of California for months now (ok, really its been Hawaii, but since we can't come close to affording that trip we will have to settle for California) No, but seriously... If the cost of living wasn't so high, I would seriously consider moving there. But anyways... California here we come!!!!

So starting on February 14th, 2008 our travel itinerary includes the following:

1. WICKED (just got done buying the tickets!)
I have just heard that this musical is amazing for far too long. My wife has blasted the soundtrack and it is time to finally see this story come to life!

Ok, ok... we know Lily isn't old enough to enjoy this part... that is why we are leaving her with a sitter. But Ash and I are kids at heart and for some strange reason have had this overwhelming desire to go to Disneyland since the day we got married... this was a large part of the inspiration for this trip!!!

We are going to see our friends Brit and Matt Zeedik and their new addition!! Lily has been waiting for her friend to get here and now the time has finally come.

4. The Biff
(Miss Allie Hobbins) lives there now, and we miss her too much. So we have to see her.

5. And of course... the Hunter Clan! Lily is so excited to see Aunt Kimmy (they share the same birthday...)

This is our one moment of splurging on a trip! But we figure its now or never... reality is going to kick in soon enough, and trips like this will not happen as frequently. We are soooo excited. Expect some fun pictures soon! Goodbye Snow... hello SUNSHINE!!!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet...

President Hinckley we will miss you! He was the prophet of our generation and a man that we will remember forever. I bet he is so happy to be with his sweet Marjorie!

We thank thee O God for a Prophet...

Monday, January 7, 2008

Lily's Baby Blessing

This was such a surreal day for Ash and I... it is kind of like leaving for a mission, and getting married... blessing a baby was always something my parents did, and now it was our turn! The day was so special with so many of our closest loved ones there. We could not be more grateful for each of you and for all that you did to make Lily's big day so special! Thank you to you all!


Jon, Ashley and Baby Lily :)


Can I just say that I am so grateful that we have both sides of our family that like each other. It makes our get togethers that much more fun!!!

Christmas, New Years... Catch up time!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We be Blogging...

Well... since we are constantly trying to improve our blogging skills... My parents bought Ash and I the new Flip Video cameras... We haven't used it much yet, but we know... it is going to change our life! haha... we are now able to directly upload videos from our camera to our blog. Amazing.

We had an amazing Christmas with the Anderson family this year. Here is a shot of Christmas morning...

ok, please ignore the fact that I sound like a complete idiot when I talk "baby talk" to Lily, but hey... I am new at this parenting thing, and besides... I think she likes it :) I am sure she is smiling and thinking, gosh, my Dad is weird.

This is Lily with her cousin Sailor. Sailor was sooo cute, i think she more excited about playing with Lily than any of her presents. She just kept coming up to Lily and kissing her, and saying "My baby..." She is such a doll. We love her so much!

Long story Short. This is the camera. We LOVE ours... now, we can officially say that we are BLOGGERZ4LIFE!

Happy New Year!